Life in Zhengzhou

March 9, 2012

I just read an e-mail from Ping and she had mentioned that you were coming to China soon. So, I’m just e-mailing you to let you know that we are doing well.

Samantha and I are having a good time in Zhengzhou. We are teaching, but at the moment, we only have about one class that is consecutive every week. We are currently substitutes for other teachers at different schools here in the city. We have a lot of free-time at the moment, but also our apartment is still being put together. We are living in a 30-story apartment complex which we moved into on the 29th of last month. We live on the 24th floor and our apartment window overlooks downtown Zhengzhou. Around our apartment complex, we have many attractions that keep us busy. We don’t have internet at home so we take advantage of the wi-fi at work if we have time. Basically, we have been doing demos to recruit new students and also, we’ve been doing workshops with our Chinese assistants. For every class we teach, we have an assistant which translates for us and helps the students understand the lessons. I have been teaching 5-13 year old students and Samantha has taught 5-16 year old students. We are adjusting very well to the life here in Zhengzhou, but yet we can’t wait to return to Seattle.

Like I had mentioned, at the moment, we are restricted to just using the wi-fi at work, so we have to go now. I have to sit down in a quiet place to describe, with the exception of the lack of internet, how great our apartment is.

Alonso Torres


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